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Date 2020 May 01-Oct 31 Ical
Location Burloak Canoe Club
Address 160 Water Street, Oakville, ON

Racing isn’t just for kids! The Masters age group is open to paddlers 25+ for everything from small local regattas to national competition. Our Masters program has a strong tradition of bringing together new and experienced paddlers to find success at every level from local regattas to National Championships.

The Masters program is set up to be flexible and accommodate a variety of interests, schedules, and skill levels. Open evening times let paddlers access coaches and progress at their own pace, pursuing the areas of the sport that interest them. Everything from beginner instruction to structured workout plans and technical coaching is available in a self-directed format. War canoe practices, one of the most popular racing boats, are available for those who are interested in the team boat environment, whether for learning or racing (or both!).

For those not 25 yet but looking for the kind of self-directed programming the Masters program offers, we have the Adult membership. The structure and expectations of the Adult membership are effectively the same as the Masters, though some training with like-aged crews may be set up with coaches.

2020 Revised Pricing -

Masters / Adult $448 + HST + $15 Insurance
First Year Masters $282 + HST + $15 Insurance

- A partial refund will be provided if in-person activities have not resumed by July 1 (based on restart date)
- Membership portion of fee is non-refundable ($235 + HST ($135 + HST for First Year Masters))
- Association fees are waived for 2020 season
- Revised price does not include a regatta fee deposit (will collect as incurred if applicable this season)

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Type Participation
Deadline September 30, 2020 00:00